Published by Timeless Edition – 2024 – France
21 x 29 cm – 216 pages in colours – Soft cover



Timeless Edition are delighted to present COMPLETE WORKS 2017 – 2023, a new collection of Elzo Durt’s works from this period.
This book is the perfect companion to the previous opus (showcasing the years from 2003 to 2016) and offers on more than 200 pages the latest productions of this Stakhanovist of visual Cut-Up. His unique style remains universally recognizable with his flamboyant scenes highighted by his trademark supercharged colors.
In this 6 year-retrospective, the common thread is still music with posters featuring names reflecting the eclectic tastes of the artist: Osees, The Hives, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, L7, The Queen Of The Stone Age, Laurent Garnier and many others.
Elzo’s flagship collaborations have continued over the years with some new ones appearing here including Volcom, the Born Bad record label, but also the Rockerill Festival or the Brasserie Surréaliste de Bruxelles.
The book is not composed in a strict monographic style like the previous one, as the artist and the publisher preferred to opt for a full page layout and Elzo has removed the names from some of his designs so that they become pure illustrations. Furthermore, regarding printing, the publisher chose to significantly enhance the quality of reproductions and in particular of the colors, thanks to brand new printing techniques using an exceptional high-volume CMYK+ production device.